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PRS - MR -Natural pork meat replacer


Reduce costs naturally

Prosur - Productos Sur -PRS-MR is a natural and highly functional ingredient intended to substitute meat in cured products. PRS-MR improves the properties of your products during the curing and drying process, as well as the texture and mouthfeel. The visual appearance after drying is that of 100% pure meat.


The battle against Listeria.


Are you tired of unhealthy and ineffective ways to battle Listeria?


Prosur - Productos Sur -

Thanks to our continuous investigation, PROSUR has developed a line of natural solutions to produce clean label food products. Our exclusive natural flavorings protect your foods against Listeria and highlight the natural organoleptic qualities of your products. They allow you to produce high quality products without the use of artificial additives. Tel: +34 968 881 991 Fax: +34 968 881 969
Productos SUR S.A. Pol. I. Oeste C/Saavedra Fajardo,S/N Parcela 27/7 Apdo. de Correos 282, 30169 San Gin;eacute;s Murcia